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Getting to Nagoya | Within Nagoya | Within the University

Getting to Nagoya

Access to Nagoya from

Air travel

Nagoya is served by Chubu Centrair International Airport with daily international flights to multiple destinations in Europe, North America, and Asia.
If you arrive in any other airport (e.g. Narita, Haneda, Kansai, etc.), go to the nearest shinkansen station. Nagoya can be reached quickly and comfortably by bullet train (shinkansen) from Tokyo, Osaka, and all other major cities and airports in Japan – see below.

Train travel

The Shinkansen (bullet train) is the best way to travel within Japan. Trains on the main Tokaido line (Tokyo-Nagoya-Kyoto-Osaka) depart every 5-30 minutes throughout the day. For more information:

Nationwide Timetable and Route Search for trains, subways, and other transportation methods:

If you plan to travel around Japan, consider the JR train pass which will allow you unlimited transportation on JR trains and bullet trains (shinkansen):

Further detailed transportation information can be found here:

  • Nagoya Info: detailed maps and travel information about Nagoya and its region
  • Japan guide: extensive descriptions of the various access and transportation options to/from all major destinations in Japan.

The above links are provided for reference only. The conference organizers do not endorse any of these and hold no responsibility over the contents found in the links above.

Within Nagoya

Access to Nagoya University’s Higashiyama Campus

The Nagoya city subway is the recommended way to reach Nagoya University, with a station (“Nagoya Daigaku”, Japanese for “Nagoya University”) located in the heart of the university’s Higashiyama campus.

Please check which subway station is nearest to your hotel and follow the instructions below to get to Nagoya University:

From Nagoya Station, Fushimi, Sakae, Chikusa, and Imaike:

  1. Take the yellow Higashiyama line bound for Fujigaoka.
  2. Change subway lines in Motoyama station to the purple Meijo line traveling clockwise.
  3. Travel 1 station and get off at Nagoya Daigaku station.
  4. Walk to the conference venue with the instructions below.

From Kanayama and Yagoto:

  1. Take the purple Meijo line traveling counterclockwise.
  2. Get off at Nagoya Daigaku station.
  3. Walk to the conference venue with the instructions below.
Map of Nagoya subway lines and overground railways

(only major stations are shown)
Nagoya subway mapClick the map above to view it in higher resolution, or download a detailed subway map (PDF) with station names in both English and Japanese.

Nagoya University’s location in Google Maps

Within Nagoya University

Nagoya University – Higashiyama Campus

Most of the conference events will be held in the Engineering & Sciences (E&S) Building, C2-4 on the campus map.
The students’ workshop will be held in the Environmental Studies building, ground floor. Building D2-2 on the campus map.
on the first day of the conference there will be signs and conference representatives to guide attendees from the subway station to the venue.

Walking directions from the subway exits:

walking directions

Click the map to view in high resolution or Download an annotated PDF version of the map.
Nagoya University Higashiyama Campus map