Excursions Program

Excursions are planned to destinations that would be of interest to industrial ecologists, such as industrial complexes, manufacturing plants, modern & traditional production facilities, and transportation & shipment hubs – all of which abound in the Nagoya area, as well as sites related to Japanese history, arts, and culture.

Nagoya port
View of Nagoya fron Nagoya Port

27 September

Tour of the Toyota motor company’s global headquarters


The Toyota motor company’s global headquarters and major plants are located in the Nagoya area.

We will visit the actual production lines, displays and demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies including hybrid and fuel cell engines, and exhibitions of concept cars, race cars, and production model cars. See more information on Toyota’s website.

Transportation will be organized for conference attendees from Nagoya University. Attendance fee: ¥1000 including transportation, lunch, and any entrance fees. Registration to participate is through the conference registration system. You may register for the tour at the same time as conference registration or at a later date. Please use the same username and password for both.

Consider also attending the students’ day which will occur prior to this excursion.

Please note that seats on this tour are limited and book early to reserve your place!


1 October

Nagoya excursions.

Nagoya University’s students will serve as local guides to many of the areas presented in the Visiting Nagoya webpage.

Two itineraries are planned:

  1. Nagoya industry and transportation circuit (SCMaglev and Railway park, Noritake Museum, and Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology)
  2. Nagoya history and arts circuit (Tokugawa arts museum and Japanese garden, Nagoya Castle, and Atsuta Shrine)

Registration will be conducted throughout the conference at the reception desk. Nagoya’s public transportation will be used and participants are asked to pay their own transportation fees, entrance fees, and lunch. Our student guides will be happy to help purchase these on the spot.

There is no limit on the number of attendees for these tours.

Nagoya Castletrain