Abstract submission – GRC attendees only

Exclusively for GRC attendees, late abstract submissions for presentations at the Nagoya conference in September 2016. If you have any queries please contact the conference organizers.

The joint SEM-AP Nagoya 2016 conference will host parallel sessions for oral presentations as well as poster sessions.
Abstract contributors may indicate their preferred presentation style (oral presentation OR poster), which will be taken into account by the reviewing committee in their final decision announcements.

Please read the following information carefully and submit your abstract using the form at the bottom of this page.

Abstract submission dates

GRC exclusive abstract submission deadline: 15 July, 2016.
Abstract acceptance announcement: 01 August, 2016.

Required contents

  1. Abstract: text only, in English, no more than 300 words.
    It is advisable to include the following information in your abstract:

    • The research question and hypothesis
    • Methods and data used
    • Results (may be preliminary or expected results)
    • Novelty or significance of the research
  2. Short personal biography: of all collaborating authors, no more than 100 words in total (700 characters including spaces).

Theme categories

You will be asked to choose a category which most closely relates to your abstract. Being a joint conference of the SEM section and the ISIE Asia-Pacific, the topics list covers themes related to all Industrial Ecology research interests, and more detailed specific themes of Socio-Economic Metabolism (SEM).

  1. Methodological and analytical advances in socio-economic metabolism
  2. Material flows, waste and recycling management
  3. Modelling and scenarios of stock and flow relationships
  4. Low carbon urban development and planning
  5. Critical materials (including energy carriers, water, metals, agricultural nutrients and biomass)
  6. Industrial ecology of mining and minerals
  7. Trade, global flows, and their embodied environmental impacts
  8. Sustainable resource management
  9. socio-economic metabolism and economic / environmental policies and theory
  10. Environmentally Extended Input-Output analysis
  11. Carbon-, material-, and water-footprints
  12. Linking socio-economic metabolism with climate change / green economy
  13. Industrial symbiosis
  14. Eco-industrial development


Reviewing process

All abstracts will be blind double-reviewed. Notification of results will be sent by e-mail on 01 August 2016.

Conference Proceedings

To have an abstract included in the conference proceedings, at least one author must be registered by 23 August 2016, and present the work at the meeting.

Abstract submission

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Pressing the submission button below will send your abstract to the conference organizing committee. Please allow for a few weeks for the special review process. You will be notified by e-mail about the decision.

If you have any questions, please contact the conference organizers.